Forum visitors:

It is regretful that the internet and computers have given the ability for a select group of knowledgeable people to disrupt the goals of those who wish to use the internet for their valid purposes of bringing together a community of users to discuss topics in a public forum.

Automated programs that have been created to promote illegal activities through the use of placing web site links on this forum and produce an unmanageable amount of adminstrative work have led me to the decision to take down this forum until a replacement can be found or created. This will be a while from now until a few major sites that I am developing are finished.

My apologies for anyone who wishes to participate in this forum until then. It is my ambition to create an interactive site for those people who wish to discuss and learn homeopathy without the riff-raff of the web underworld. Please contact me if you have something to direct to me personally.

Doug Hoff